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The Geoff Masel Aviation Law Prize

In 2004 the Aviation Law Association of Australia and New Zealand (ALAANZ) created a Prize in memory of the late Geoff Masel. The objectives of the Prize are to promote the advancement of knowledge and understanding and research and study of aviation law in Australia and New Zealand. The first Prize was awarded in 2005 to Ansgar Grosse-Sender for his LL.M Research Paper at Victoria University Wellington entitled The Warsaw Convention – Paving the way towards uniformity for future ‘DVT’ claims under the Warsaw Convention? – An Analysis.

2014 Geoff Masel Prize

The Geoff Masel Aviation Law Prize will be awarded each year for the best paper submitted by an undergraduate student or Masters Student on a subject relating to aviation or space law, with consideration given to the level of experience of the entrant.

The paper should preferably be between 3,000-5,000 words, but not more than 10,000 words. Entrants are required to submit their paper (3 copies) to the ALAANZ Secretariat ( no later than 5pm on Friday 20th December 2013. The winner will be announced in February/March 2014 and will be invited to attend the Annual Conference of ALAANZ in 2014, expected to take place in Melbourne, late April to early May – dates to be advised, where the prize will be presented.

The paper must be accompanied by a declaration that the work is the original work of the author, and if it incorporates any work of any other person, that fact should be recognised and identified in the declaration.

It is a condition of entry that the Aviation Law Association of Australia and New Zealand Limited has the right to publish any of the papers in the Association’s journal, Aviation Briefs and on the CD-ROM of papers delivered at the ALAANZ 2014 Conference.

A suitable blank Masel Prize coversheet and declaration may be downloaded by clicking here.

The winner will receive complimentary:

  • ALAANZ Membership from the date of receipt of the entry to 30 June 2014 *;
  • Full registration at the 2014 Annual Conference (including social events);
  • Accommodation (single occupancy, room only) at the Conference venue; and
  • Return Economy air fare for one to the Conference venue from or within Australia or New Zealand.

Note: International entrants to contact the ALAANZ Secretariat for information on Airfare reimbursement value.
* If the entrant joined the Association for the 2013/2014 financial year before submitting an entry, a complimentary ALAANZ Membership may be offered to the entrant for the 2014/2015 financial year in lieu of a subscription refund for the 2013/2014 financial year.
Entries & Enquiries

All entries and enquiries for the 2014 Geoff Masel Prize should be addressed to:

ALAANZ Secretariat
C/- MECCA Concepts Pty Ltd
PO Box 2646
Mount Waverley VIC 3149
Tel: +61 3 9560 1880
Fax: +61 3 9560 1885


EALA Annual Essay Competition

The EALA Prize has the purpose of rewarding authors of essays on subjects directly related with aviation law in the broadest sense of the word. The expression “aviation law” covers issues of national and international aviation law, as well as European Union law related to aviation.
Every year a jury is formed out of the Members of the EALA Academic Committee, which is to adopt its decision on or before the 15th September of each year, which decision will be final and definite, not being subject of any remedy or appeal.


  • A first prize of 2.000 € (Two thousand Euros), and a second one of 1.000 € (One thousand Euros), to be awarded to the essays qualified as first and second, respectively,
  • Free admission to the next annual conference of EALA of both authors,
  • Recognition on

The author of the essay awarded the first prize may present a synopsis of his/her essay at the above mentioned conference.

Candidate eligibility :

  • graduate or undergraduate students,
  • practitioners starting their careers (with less than one (1) year post-qualification experience) or
  • university teachers or researchers, in any case with less than one (1) year experience as such.
  • PhD shall be excluded from participating.

Other requirements:

The essays submitted for the EALA Prize must be original and previously unpublished/not accepted for publication pieces of legal literature, written in English by only one author, and will be judged according to the following analysis (in random order):

  • grasp of the subject;
  • powers of analysis;
  • originality;
  • interest/relevance;
  • readability (in terms of English and organisation);
  • diligence in the research (including formal academic citations);
  • quality of the presentation;
  • maximum of five thousand (5.000) words.

Papers will be submitted for appraisal to the Members of the EALA Academic Committee anonymously, identified only by number.

It is a condition of entry that EALA has the right to publish any of the papers in any form.

Anybody wishing to participate in the contest for the EALA Prize, must submit his/her essay by close of business Central European Time (CET) on or before the 31st July of each year by email attachment to EALA’s Secretary, Mr. Morten Lundqvist Jakobsen at:
Any queries are to be directed to Dr. Vincent Correia at

The Terms of Reference may be updated by EALA at any time. For the latest Terms of Reference, see here.

The EALA Prize for previous years was awarded to:

2014 – First Prize – Federico Bergamasco, “GNSS liability: current legal framework and perspectives for the future from the international aviation point of view”,

2014 – Second Prize – Benjamyn Ian Scott, “Civil Aviation Authority v Robert Knowles: The First Conviction in the UK for the Illegal Use of an Unmanned Aircraft and how it Can Help Improve Regulations within the European Union”,

2013 – First Prize – Wouter Oude Alink, “The Regulation of Registered Traveller Programmes”,

2013 – Second Prize – Sonja Radosevic, “EU’s External Aviation Relations”,

2012 – Lazar Vrbaski, “Liability of Air Navigation Service Providers: Towards an International Solution”,

2011 – Francesco Alongi, “The Emission Trading Scheme and its possible consequences for airlines”,

2010 – Mildred Trögeler, “Criminalisation of air accidents and the creation of a Just Culture”,

2009 – Jane Jieui Hong LLM LLB, “Liability of aviation security providers and responsibility of States”,

2008 – Robbert van der Vliet. “Europe’s take on Interlining. Interrelationships between EU, Member States and Third States in EU Law and International Law”.



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