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The links below will take you to the official UK Government website www.legislation.gov.uk for domestic legislation. Please note that there may be outstanding changes that have not yet been made to certain Acts by the editorial team; you will be notified of any outstanding changes when you open the content of an Act. All information provided below is made available in accordance with the Open Government Licence for public sector information as expressed in October 2010.

Civil Aviation Act 2012 c.19

Air Passenger Duty (Setting of Rate) Act (Northern Ireland) 2012 c.5

Civil Aviation Act 2006 c.34

Transport (Wales) Act 2006 c.5

Aviation (Offences) Act 2003 c.19

Railways and Transport Safety Act 2003 c.20

Transport Act 2000 c.38

Civil Aviation (Amendment) Act 1996 c.39

Aviation and Maritime Security Act 1990 c.31

Civil Aviation Authority (Borrowing Powers) Act 1990 c.2

Airports Act 1986 c.31

Civil Aviation (Eurocontrol) Act 1983 c.11

Aviation Security Act 1982 c.36

Civil Aviation Act 1982 c.16

Civil Aviation (Amendment) Act 1982 c.1

Civil Aviation Act 1980 c.60

Carriage by Air and Road Act 1979 c.28

Aircraft and Shipbuilding Industries Act 1977 c.3

Airports Authority Act 1975 c.78

Protection of Aircraft Act 1973 c.47

Civil Aviation Act 1971 c.75

Civil Aviation Act 1968 c.61

Carriage by Air (Supplementary Provisions) Act 1962 c.43

Carriage by Air Act 1961 c.27

Marine and Aviation Insurance (War Risks) Act 1952 c.57

Civil Aviation Act 1949 c.67


Related Statutes

Postal Services Act 2011 c.5

Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 asp 12

Finance Act 2009 c.10

Climate Change Act 2008 c.27

Finance Act 2008 c.9

Finance Act 2007 c.11

UK Borders Act 2007 c.30

Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 c.13

Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 c.36

Finance Act 2004 c.12

Criminal Justice Act 2003 c.44

Extradition Act 2003 c.41

Finance Act 2002 c.23

Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 c.24

Finance Act 2000 c.17

Postal Services Act 2000 c.26

Terrorism Act 2000 c.11

Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 c.33

Geneva Conventions (Amendment) Act 1995 c.27

Finance Act 1994 c.9

Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 c.60

Telecommunications Act 1984 c.12

Suppression of Terrorism Act 1978 c.26

Fatal Accidents Act 1976 c.30

Immigration Act 1971 c.77

Air Corporations Act 1969 c.43


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