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Lag (1922:382) angående ansvarighet för skada i följd av luftfart – Act on liability for damage arising from air traffic 1922

This act attributes liability for injury to persons or property not on board the aircraft to the owner of the aircraft (s 1). A person using the aircraft without owner’s permission is liable for loss or damage caused (s 2). The Act provides the conditions on which a purchaser of aircraft who has not yet obtained ownership or a leaseholder will be held liable (ss 3a and 4). There is a two-year time bar (s 6) and jurisdiction within Sweden is attributed to the court where the damage occurred or the defendant has its seat (s 7). The Act also allows for recourse by someone held liable under the Act against the person who caused the damage (s 8).


Lag (2010:510) om lufttransporter – Carriage by Air Act

This Act applies subject to directly applicable EU law and implements the Montreal and Chicago Conventions. The Schedule to the Act includes the full text of the Chicago and Montreal Conventions in English, French and Swedish. The Act entered into force on 1 September 2010.


Luftfartslag (SFS 2010:500) – Air Traffic Act/Aviation Act


Luftfartsförordning (SFS 2010:770) – Air Traffic Regulations/Aviation Ordinance

‘Luftfartslag’ and ‘Luftfartsförordning’ are the main regulatory instruments on air traffic and also contain provisions on liability. Both instruments are in force from 1 September 2010.


Förordning (1990:717) om undersökning av olyckor – Accident investigation regulations

These regulations designate the appropriate authorities for accident investigation and set up methodology and reporting requirements.



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