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Users may be interested in the official website of the Air Passenger Complaint Handling Body where passengers can file complaints and find information about their rights. The Air Passenger Complaint Handling Body deals with cases according to the Norwegian Civil Aviation Act, which includes legislation in relation to EU’s air passenger rights as laid down in the regulations of EU decree 261/2004. According to this EU decree, cases relating to EU air passenger rights should be evaluated/handled by the national complaint handling body in the country where the problem has occurred. A cancellation or a delay for example in Lisbon, Portugal should therefore be evaluated/handled by the Portuguese Complaint Handling Body. According to EU’s air passenger rights and specifications, factors such as where the ticket was bought or the nationality of the passenger have no relevance in determining which country should handle the complaint. The Air Passenger Complaint Handling Body is attached to the European NEB network.

A database of the Body’s decisions can also be found on the website (in Norwegian).



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