Republic of Kosovo – Legislation

Institutional framework

The Law on Civil Aviation divides responsibilities for the regulation of civil aviation in the Republic of Kosovo among four public authorities:

  • Ministry of Infrastructure is tasked with establishing civil aviation policies and economic regulation of air transport, including passenger rights and negotiation and implementation of traffic rights;
  • Civil Aviation Authority, an independent civil aviation regulatory agency with complete legal capacity, is in charge of safety regulation and economic regulation of airports and air navigation service providers;
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs is tasked with the regulation of aviation security; and
  • Aeronautical Accident and Incident Investigation Commission, a unit within the Office of the Prime Minister, is in charge of accident and incident investigation of aircraft in the Republic of Kosovo and aircraft on Kosovo’s register wherever they may be.

Legislative framework

Basic civil aviation law – the Law on Civil Aviation – was adopted in 2008. It provides broad authority to the civil aviation authorities to draw their own by-laws. The law makes the European Common Aviation Area framework a cornerstone of aviation regulation in the Republic of Kosovo, making aviation safety and economic regulation rules in force common with European ones. The Republic of Kosovo has undertaken all international obligations of Kosovo, including those under the Multilateral Agreement on the Establishment of a European Common Aviation Area concluded on Kosovo’s behalf by the provisional UN mission that administered the country until Kosovo’s independence in 2008.

An Acquis Communautaire – Republic of Kosovo national legislation correspondence table covering civil aviation and other pertinent fields can be found here.

Traffic rights

Traffic rights on routes between EU Member States and Kosovo for Community carriers are granted by the Ministry through a formal email of acknowledgement. The country has negotiated bilateral air service agreements with Switzerland, Turkey and the UAE.


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