Italy – Legislation

The main source of Italian domestic Law in aviation matters is the Navigation Code or “Codice della Navigazione“. Section II of the Code is entirely dedicated to matters related to Aviation.

The Code is to be considered ‘lex specialis’ and as such it prevails over the Civil and Criminal codes and – for its procedural parts – over the Civil and Criminal Procedure codes. However, all such codes remain relevant when express reference to them is made in the Navigation Code. The Code is supplemented by a large number of more specific Statutes, Regulations and By-laws which may prevail as ‘lex specialis’ over the code itself.

Italy is a member of the EU and as such all EU Regulations are considered part of Italian law as soon as they come into force.

Italy is a party to the Montreal Convention 1999 which applies to international carriage.

For further information, see the Aviation Section of the Codice della Navigazione (In Italian)


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