Australia – Legislation (Regulations)

The links below will take you to the ComLaw website of the Australian Government. For information on the difference between an Act and a Regulation, please see the ComLaw page ‘Explore the Law: An A-Z of Key Jargon and Sources.’


Air Navigation (Checked Baggage) Repeal Regulations 2008

Airspace Regulations 2007

Air Navigation (Confidential Reporting) Regulations 2006

Air Services Regulations – Revocation instrument (AERU 06-062) (21/11/2006)

Air Services Regulations – Revocation instrument (AERU 06-063) (21/11/2006)

Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005

Air Navigation (Aviation Security Status Checking) Regulations 2004

Air Navigation (Essendon Airport) Regulations 2001

Air Passenger Ticket Levy (Collection) Regulations 2001

Aircraft Noise Levy Collection Act 1995 – Declaration of Leviable Airports – Sydney Airport (15/02/2001)

Air Navigation (Coolangatta Airport Curfew) Regulations 1999

Air Navigation (Fuel Spillage) Regulations 1999

Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) 1998

Sydney Airport Demand Management Regulations 1998

Air Navigation (Aircraft Engine Emissions) Regulations

Airports Regulations 1997

Airports (Control of On-Airport Activities) Regulations 1997

Airports (Environment Protection) Regulations 1997

Aircraft Noise Levy Regulations

Airports (Building Control) Regulations 1996

Airports (Ownership – Interests in Shares) Regulations 1996

Airports (Protection of Airspace) Regulations 1996

Air Services Regulations 1995

Civil Aviation (Fees) Regulations 1995

Sydney Airport Curfew Regulations 1995

Air Navigation (Aerodrome Flight Corridors) Regulations 1994

Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR) 1988

Air Navigation (Aircraft Noise) Regulations 1984

Air Navigation Regulations 1947


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