Law by Country

The following pages provide information on the domestic regimes of individual European countries.

The list of Contributors from across Europe is continually expanding, with further resources being added on a regular basis. We hope to eventually have contributions from every European country (not limited to the Member States of the European Union) to provide an expansive source of reference for all those with an interest in Aviation Law. Please contact us at if you wish to provide additional information on the domestic system of a country that has already been listed, or if you would like to volunteer as a National Editor for a country that is not yet represented on the site.

Where possible, our Contributors have provided references to domestic instruments, judgments and publications. In some cases, official instruments may only be available in the native language of the particular country.

Please use the links in the navigation menu to select the desired country and then the applicable page required.

We aim to keep the site as accurate as possible by way of regular updates; however no responsibility for its correctness is assumed by the Editors or Contributors to the site. Please contact us at if you think that any additional information should be added to that provided here.


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