It is extremely difficult and often time-consuming to research the legal system of a foreign country, especially where the national language is different to your own. Also, with the sole exception of domestic flights, the use of aeroplanes as a mode of transport, both in the cases of passengers or cargo, will inevitably result in the crossing of political, legal and jurisdictional borders. In that respect, it may be necessary to familiarise oneself with the national laws of another country.

Accordingly, AviationLaw.EU aims to provide a free, in-depth source of reference to all those with an interest in aviation law. Such persons may include practitioners in the field, researchers, students and also passengers or other users of aviation transport.

AviationLaw.EU offers the first point of reference for those researching the area, although it is not intended to provide legal advice. It provides references to international treaties and case law, various European instruments and case law, along with a number of contributions from young lawyers in European countries regarding their domestic systems and national case law.

Following interest from young lawyers in countries other than those in Europe, AviationLaw.EU will also offer references to domestic resources from select countries in other regions, in addition to those already available on the website.

Moreover, AviationLaw.EU contains references to official publications of organisations such as ICAO and UNCTAD, and academic materials including practitioner works, textbooks, journals and conference papers. Information on conferences and seminars related to aviation law can also be found on our Events page.

We hope that the site will also become a forum for developments and opinions on topical matters in the field, and we are very excited to see it grow.

AviationLaw.EU is a free resource and all contributions to the site have been given on a voluntary basis. If you would also like to contribute to the site in any way, please send an email to contribute@aviationlaw.eu giving a general summary of the information that you wish to provide, and brief details of your experience in law.

Image: Tim Beach / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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